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our mission 

Our mission is to provide an excellent education for every child at every stage and to ensure that children leave our schools as confident, articulate and well-rounded young people.

our vision 

We foster a culture for learning across the Trust that is bold, ambitious and inspiring. The curriculum in our schools is engaging, challenging and tailored to ensure that our children make exceptional academic progress, whilst also benefitting from a rich, extra-curricular education that prepares them for life.

our values


  • We insist on the best education for all our children.
  • We strive to be a centre of excellence for teaching, learning and professional development.
  • We seek to continually improve through reflection, research and innovation.
  • We equip our children with the confidence to take advantage of all the opportunities open to them.


  • Our schools and leaders work in a partnership that is based on trust, rigorous challenge and support. 
  • High quality relationships are key across our Trust, based upon mutual respect and exemplary behaviour.
  • Our strategic direction is informed by critical self-evaluation and a commitment to improve and to help each other to improve.
  • We value our relationships with external partners and our wider community, working together to help each other.


  • We want everyone in our schools to feel valued and to feel part of the school and Trust community. 
  • We ensure that we provide exemplary pastoral care for all our children.
  • We promote equality and diversity and have a culture of inclusion throughout the Trust. 
  • We offer all our children and staff exciting opportunities and career pathways.


  • We are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the highest quality leaders, teachers and support staff.
  • We use our resources to provide a high quality, rich and broad education for every child.
  • We pride ourselves on the highest standards of leadership, governance, decision-making and communication throughout the Trust.
  • We aim to provide the education we would want for our own children.


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