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Forthcoming LPLT Consultations

Langley Park Learning Trust intends to consult on the following aspects of our admission policies. More details and instructions on how to respond will be communicated to all statutory consultees at the start of the consultation period.

  1. Consultation to run from December 2020 to February 2021, with any changes implemented for the September 2022 intake:

a) Consultation on awarding priority admission for siblings of an opposite sex pupil already attending the other LPLT secondary school.

This change would give priority to a boy applying for Langley Park School for Boys having a sister already studying at Langley Park School for Girls. Similarly, this would apply for a girl applying to LPGS who has a brother already studying at LPSB.

This consultation is in response to comments made by respondents in last year’s admissions consultation and the Trust’s subsequent pledge to therefore consult on this proposed change. (see Decision Notice of February 2020).

b) Consultation on reducing Langley Park School for Girls’ Year 12 Published Admission Number (PAN) for external candidates from 100 to 60. This is to prevent capacity issues that would occur if the 6th form capacity reached its current overall PAN of 600.

This consultation is now complete. Please click here for the results and decision notice.

  1. Consultation to run during Autumn 2021, with any changes being implemented for the September 2023 intake. This is following the findings of a complaint panel regarding assurances around ‘feeder school’ status for Langley Park Primary School that were incorrectly made to parents of the 2016 and 2017 intakes.


a) Consultation on awarding Langley Park Primary School pupils priority admission to both of the Trust’s secondary schools. This policy would be in place for the 2023 and 2024 Year 7 intakes only.  A subsequent consultation will seek to revert to the current policy in 2025 once these two intakes have joined.  This would ensure places for those pupils affected by the miscommunications regarding ‘feeder school’ status when they were enrolled at the primary school in 2016 and 2017. 


b) Consultation on increasing the Published Admission Numbers (PAN) for both secondary schools in order to accommodate those Langley Park Primary School pupils who would be eligible for a place via the rule above.

This change in the Published Admission Number would ensure that applicants to the two secondary schools for 2023 and 2024 intakes are not disadvantaged and displaced due to the additional pupils joining from Langley Park Primary School as they will still receive a place.

Numbers of pupils affected from LPPS will be calculated prior to the consultation, though it is estimated that the PANs would only need to be increased by approximately 15 in each of the years at the secondary schools.

This change will run concurrently with the above policy and a subsequent consultation will seek to revert to the current policy in 2025 once these two intakes have joined.  

Previous LPLT Consultations

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