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Previous LPLT Consultations

LPLT Consultation on Admission Arrangements  - October 2021

Langley Park Learning Trust consulted from Friday 1st October 2021 to Friday 12th November 2021 inclusive, on proposed changes to the admissions arrangements for the secondary schools in Langley Park Learning Trust (Langley Park School for Boys, Langley Park School for Girls), to take effect from the 2023 year of entry.  

The consultation was in relation to:   

  1. A proposal to give priority in admissions for the two Langley Park Secondary Schools (Langley Park School for Boys and Langley Park School for Girls) solely to Year 7 pupils who started at Langley Park Primary School before, and have been continuously on roll since, 31st August 2018. 
  2. A proposal to increase the PAN (Published Admission Number*) at both Langley Park School for Boys and Langley Park School for Girls for the Year 7 cohorts that start at the two secondary schools in September 2023 and September 2024. 
  1.  Following questions from local parents, the Trust proposes to add wording that makes clear that mixed sex twins, triplets and siblings of a higher multiple birth (e.g. quadruplets) should have the same priority as single sex twins, triplets and siblings of a higher multiple birth, and as other siblings, when considering priority for places at Langley Park School for Girls and Langley Park School for Boys.

All the relevant documentation can be found here:

LPLT Consultation Notice October 2021  

LPSB Proposed Admission Policy for 2023-24  

LPGS Proposed Admission Policy for 2023-24  

Category 4 Form (Children attending LPPS)

Please note that the existing Supplementary Information Forms for children of staff remain unchanged and can be found here and here.

* PAN - the number of pupils that the school can admit into the relevant year group.

LPLT Consultation on Admission Arrangements  - December 2020

LPLT Admissions Consultation 2020-21 Decision Notice 

Admissions Consultation 2020-21 Statistical Report 

LPLT Admissions Consultation 2020-21 Date Report REDACTED

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