Covid-19 Test Centres

Posted on: February 22nd - 2021

We were notified just days before Christmas break that our secondary schools would be required to set-up Covid-19 testing centres for the return of schools in January. After some calls between Headteachers and the Central Team on how we might manage to pull this off, we headed away on Christmas break with a whole load of unanswered questions but determined to find the space and the people to make it work. The Government guidance and resources landed between Christmas and New Year, giving the secondary schools and the central team a few days to work out how to establish two testing centres, to NHS standards, and for 3000+ people across the two sites. Meanwhile, over 100 local people stepped forward and volunteered to staff the centres.  We convened senior leaders and site staff on the first day back at school and everyone quickly got to work on making it a reality. 

Test centre 1 Test centre 2

With the centres ready in just two days, we were then of course informed that far fewer students would be returning to school. Nevertheless, the school teams and the volunteers pressed on and established two excellent facilities, albeit with reduced testing capacities. The strong partnership between schools, volunteers and the Trust’s Central Team means we have since provided weekly testing to over 550 students, secondary school staff and also primary school staff as we were able to extend the offer to our Trust’s primary staff too. 

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