LPLT Primary School Assessment Update

Posted on: March 1st - 2021

At the start of 2020, all three primary schools within the Trust embarked upon a collaborative Trust assessment project.  The Trust’s vision was to streamline assessment and data tracking, resulting in comparative data at both school and Trust level.  Head Teachers and Assessment Leads from the Trust primary schools, as well as the CEO and a member of the board of Trustees vetted a number of leading companies in the field of Data Tracking and Assessment, weighing up the pros and cons.  Buying into the Insight Data Tracker was a unanimous decision, and clearly the front runner by far.  

Insight Insight is a customisable system, underpinned by the belief that ‘tracking systems should be built from the classroom upwards as tools to support teaching and learning, reducing workload and making teachers’ lives easier.’ 

Assessment Leads met several times to agree the key components for the LPLT Primary Insight Tracker, as well as to create an assessment and data yearly overview, to enable consistency and comparability across the primary schools. Insight was then introduced to teaching staff in all three  primary schools, with customised in-house training provided by the assessment leads. Teachers have quickly adapted to using Insight, responding to its intuitive and friendly interface. Assessment leads continue to work closely with Insight to refine and develop the tracking system so that it not only creates informative reports, for teachers and leaders at both school and Trust level, but most importantly is an effective tracking system to inform teachers’ planning in the short, medium and long term, resulting in better outcomes for the children in the Trust.

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