LPLT Strategic Safeguarding Network

Posted on: February 11th - 2021

Langley Park Learning Trust has been proactive from its formation in ensuring the highest standards for the safeguarding of all children and young people, as well as providing the safest of environments for the staff team to work in. For almost two years now, the Designated Safeguarding Lead Officer (and / or deputies) for each school in the Trust have held termly forums.  The purpose of these forums is to share high quality practice and resources, learn from each other, and discuss how the Trust can further deliver even better safeguarding protocols that will keep all our pupils and staff safe.  

The forum agendas address annual items such as the areas for development from the annual safeguarding school audits,  scrutinizing each schools’ thresholds for reporting and referring so that we have a consistent Trust wide approach, ensuring that the schools are Ofsted compliant, as well as plan continuous professional development for staff.    

The forum has also ensured that there is a consistent electronic safeguarding system (CPOMs) for the reporting, recording and referral process.  All school staff have had training for this electronic system.  The forum also looks at ‘Serious Safeguarding Case Reviews’ from other organisations which are anonymized and that all schools can access and learn from.  These serve as excellent training opportunities for the forum team.

The combined expertise and knowledge within the team is substantial, with all schools bringing valuable input and suggestions to the forum.  This collaboration has also been an excellent way of ensuring that as a Trust we have consistency with such an important statutory area. The forum enables our schools to continue to strengthen already robust Safeguarding policies, practices and protocols more swiftly than if working in isolation.   The annual audit outcomes for this academic year alone have shown that our schools are providing rigorous and robust safeguarding provision.  Safeguarding children and young people will always remain the highest of priorities for the Trust and our Strategic Safeguarding Network will continue to ensure the highest levels of standards with this.  

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